Welcome to the official WEBSITE of Marc C. Slootjes. Marc is a Dutch professional artist. He is a self-tought man and proud of it and this way he could create his own unique style, he paints with his fingers (no brushes allowed)
Marc’s paintings are oil on canvas, but he calls it dreams on canvas. The image appears in his dreams and then he puts it on canvas. Marc’s dream world is called Thohhworld.
Marc has had several exhibitions in Europe ,mainly in Germany, Belgium,ENGLAND,AUSTRIA and of course in the Netherlands.And Twice in New York CitY and MIAMI



Welcome in the extraordinary world of Dutch artist Marc C. Slootjes, this is the portal to his life.

A short art-docu about painter/poet Marc C. Slootjes from Haastrecht, the Netherlands. A dead widow haunts his dreams and commands him to paint her grief, her grief about terrorism...while evil is watching...

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